Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hi People,we have good news to all of you who participated in prayers and every thing else for our girl Sandra, she is now in school and doing well.
We were in school to see how she is coping with the new environment and surely the girl shown a lot of happiness and wore a smile on her face when she saw us approaching.

We have not yet found a sponsor and anyone who think he/she can help is very welcome just call us or email us and we'll give you more details about the girl.

This is one of the pictures of her in school having lunch.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sandra Akomwa

This week we also have a special case of a small kid that is orphaned and comes from a semi arid area along the northern rift of kenya (Turkana). the girl dropped out of school after her parents died of AIDs and now we have taken her in, she will report to school on Wednesday of this week.

She is supposed to be in class three but because of the fate that befell her, she will report in class one. We as a community has seen that she gets back to school but we are requesting for any one who can sponsor the kid in order to see the continuity of her Education, Any kind of assistance is most welcome.

This are some pictures that we have in our archives taken previously...... This is part of the work that we are doing.
Still, donations and voluntary service are still welcome. Thanks
New year, after a couple of activities and celebrations

This year comes characterized by a couple of activities, one of the main thing is getting kids back to school and busy looking for best schools for those that are to start their secondary school this year which we happen to have three kids that are report to form one this year. We were advantaged  to  accompany some kids from the orphanage by the name Maddison House in Ndeiya  to go out for shopping of the required back to school things  with us were Warren, Christie and Denzel all from New York city.
These guys presented some school bags and books to this kids with our help that they had brought from New York, It was a wonderful event and the Kids were all very happy. 
More donations are still welcome. Thanks

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Here are some pics of last scene that overturned Kenya in the year 2007 and the memories and after effect are still fresh  in People's minds"