Muungano Volunteer

Muungano Community Volunteering Offers Highly affordable yet quality volunteer programs in safe environments around Kenya. Muungano has been established to give people from around the world the opportunity to do volunteer work in Africa. Volunteers work in community initiated projects and orphanages in the country. Our work is to identify the need and place the volunteer appropriately. We also initiate and organize child-helping projects. Muungano Community offers volunteer programs that benefit the local community. We believe that the community is best placed to know and determine their needs, while the volunteer comes to contribute by offering their gifts and talents. Our volunteer programs include: Teaching, Orphanage Work, Medical Work and HIV/AIDS Programs ad sports.

 Awarding full or partial academic sponsorship to vulnerable children, Establishing or assisting in the establishment of schools and other educational centers, and libraries to enable displaced children as well as street children realize their true potential, Empowering underprivileged parents with life skills and vocational skills to enable them provide for their children without reliance on donations, Sponsoring medical camps and follow-up , so as to promote health care and governmental immunization programs and other such health awareness campaigns especially on including HIV/AIDS, Organizing sporting activities in the spirit of promoting cohesiveness in society. We accept volunteers any time of the month all through the year.

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