Thursday, July 12, 2012

Passionate about life

Passionate living
Yesterday i was roaming around with many thoughts occupying my mind about positive and passionate living. I reasoned with myself about how to change a life of a person and trigger a difference.  As I approached the bus stage, I felt a touch on my left hand accompanied by a feint hoarse voice “Uncle nibuyie kachai” meaning uncle, buy me a cup of tea. When I took time and looked, I saw a young boy with tattered clothes and with no shoes staring at me.
In my pocket, I had a hundred shillings with me which I had planned to get to town with and then back. When I looked at the boy, he looked hopeless, hungry and weak, and I thought to myself how I could help him. As this happened, I recalled my previous thoughts on changing lives. I asked him his name and told him to come with me to a sideway cafe as we chat. I asked the boy what he   would take and he said he had not eaten for the last couple of days but since asking for food would appear hard to many people, that’s why he settled on asking for a cup of tea from any person. Some of them would abuse him and spit on him while calling him Chokora (street boy) I ordered a plate of food for him and told him to relax and eat.
After a few minutes he was through and the plate appeared like if it had not heard any food for the last few hours. The boy was full and I thought it was good to know more about him.  I again confirmed his name as Karanja and carefully interrogated him for more information. He explained to me things until I felt tears in my eyes. His mother and father had died long ago out of AID’s when he was six years old and now he is thirteen years.  He explained to me that after the death of his parents, his grandparents started mistreating him and he ran away to the town they were previously living with his parents before they died and which is the town we are in. one lady took him and returned him to school and vowed to help him for the better part of his school life but unfortunately after one year,