Sunday, March 20, 2011


The latest news is that the heavens has openned and some sign of relief started to b felt after the seasona rains came down hence shortenning the span of suffering to those that have been affected by the issue of hunger, this means that after a few months there will be food with the countinuity of the rains. BUT, still with this sign of relief, a lot need to be done before the actual relief comes in, i.e the people needs to be fed until when the food is plenty in the country at large. As our role in the society, we are pleading with well wishers and people who would like to bring an impact to a life, to donate a little of what they have to go towards this project while still praying for heavenly intervention upon Africa.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Hello guys it has been a long time since i posted any update but am back with a new project, according to the current status in our country, it has gone to a black point of people dying out of hunger. As a result of a prolonged drought, famine has strike kenya especially in the northen part and it has been declared a national disaster. We as an internatinal community has declared an 'END HUNGER CAMPAIGN' where we are requesting of your participation in this campaign. Make it happen by donating 10% of what u have and passing this information to a friend. We already have a few sucks of maize which we wil add more with your assistance. Donations can be sent to us via M PESA number, 0721268201 OR through bank account which is 0130190730732 Equity bank, gate house bank, Nakuru. Lets MAKE IT HAPPEN and give a life to some one. Thanks.