Friday, November 25, 2011

Change is Inevitable

We,ve started our outreach program at the Naivasha IDP camp, with the help of our volunteers to make the lives of the people that suffered the post election violence after effect until now, with the deteriorating and unfavouring living conditions resulting to high rate of HIV and aids and finally resulting to high numbers of orphans who are hopeless and desperate in life. check out the pics of one of our outreach program open day. Our Ndeiya village orphanage by the name Alpha Joy care center is experiencing an extreme makeover like in helping the kids and the surrounding on community after receiving volunteers from out side the country. we believe that leaving a mark into a needing heart and a desperate one will never go unrewarded.
All my life i have been brought up in this small village called Ndeiya with great poverty and suffering to a point of going to bed empty bellied like with no food and the next day you are expected to go to school very early and learn, i am privileged to have parents and i thank God for them,but i really went through hard time and one day i thought to my self "I am suffering to the highest degree and i have parents, what about them that do not have?" and the thought lingered in my mind for long. God blessed me finnaly and i completed my high school education and went to college just with lots of problems loans form friends. i prayed to God that he may change situations in Ndeiya and Kenya at large,and he gave me that burden to trigger change, change the environment, change the surrounding and all that is in it will be changed. And as like one man said, Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. i am the one i've been waiting for. i am the change that i seek. and as i say that change is inevitable, the time has come to bring it to Ndeiya community to trigger a difference, self sustaining projects, income generating projects for the youths, creating awareness that one should not deny himself, because he can become anything he wants to become, creating HIV awareness to decrease the rate of deaths and the rates of orphans respectively with the assistance of you volunteers i know we are able to do this, "Bringing change to Ndeiya community." Francis

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hunger Threatens Again

Former Limuru legislator George Nyanja has asked the government to drill for water as a lasting solution for drought-prone areas. "The government should give water to the starving people as they will be able to grow food to sustain their lives," said Nyanja. He was speaking at Ndeiya village in Limuru where he distributed food to more than 2,000 people facing starvation after their maize crop was spoiled by unfavourable weather. The cold weather in the area has badly affected crops. However, Nyanja warned the residents not to sell their already harvested maize but keep it for future use. "It is unfortunate that people here in Ndeiya are seeking for food assistance whereas they sold their maize," said Nyanja. Nyanja who is aspiring for governorship position in Kiambu county said that the government should rehabilitate Kikuyu springs which is 10kilometers deep of water to be used first by kiambu residents rather than people from Nairobi alone. "Kikuyu springs is just afew kilometers from Ndeiya and yet the people here are not benefiting from the water and are also affected by drought when sunny season comes," said Nyanja.