Thursday, November 7, 2013

Small things goes a long way

Hello, it has been a while since we updated the blog but its just that we had been pretty busy and in top gears planning. We are also looking forward to launch our official website that is under construction. We have been having great volunteers who shared and assisted in knowledge of quail project. However, we still need volunteers who are fully informed about the birds. The project will be a great hit out of its intensive benefits. We are currently preparing for Christmas the same with every home we work with. Any Christmas package including presents can be sent to us through our postal address which is  Muungano Community International, P.o Box, 40 -00902 Kikuyu Kenya or if you are in the US, contact Cher Antia  through or Jeffrey Sabourin through who will assist you in sending the package and/or donations.
We dearly need partners who can assist fund the quail and farming projects to be implemented in several homes. If one feels the need to support this project, feel free to write us. In the meantime, feel obliged to show some love through assisting an orphan in need however small you support may appear. Small things goes along way here in Africa and brings a big difference.