Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas has come

Christmas is a week far and the homes are experiencing a decrease with the kids as they go to celebrate with the relatives. However, there is a planned celebration right after all the kids are back as they get some stuff received from great volunteers and supporters. We are on a high gear starting to set up a Quail project that is thought to change a lot of things at the homes. This is because the profit and benefits of the project will ensure availability of funds at all times got from egg sale. We are in need of more support from former volunteers and all well wishers so that we are able to kick off in the shortest time possible. We are requesting all potential volunteers, people with a kind heart to skip one meal and share the money to start up the project. We are setting up a fundraising platform where people can freely give towards the project.

This is the most significant project as there is need for money at all times to run the homes. The money is not always available and so there are many shortcomings. The project will ensure a self sustaining home.The eggs are 10 times profitable that of chicken hen.