About Us

Muungano is a Swahili word meaning togetherness symbolizing unity. Muungano Community International is a non-profit organization based near Nairobi, Kenya. Muungano was started by Kenyan locals and is supported by an international network of volunteers and supporters. We organize and carry out weekly programs that center around active play, sportsmanship, citizenship, health, and personal as well as community enhancement through the teaching of applicable, real-world skills and knowledge. We provide experiences for youth and adults in the community as well as volunteers from around the globe that will promote the development of self-sufficient, vibrant and compassionate communities throughout central Kenya and the world at large. Our mission is to promote and develop available, affordable, sustainable and manageable change in the areas of critical knowledge acquisition and information sharing, health, life skills and vocational development. Also, we value creating a learning environment that values personal and community growth along with a deep love and respect for all others of different color, creed and country. Many of our community volunteer projects are focused on improving the lives of displaced children and youths through healthcare, mentoring, community outreach, agricultural, education, sports, and fund-raising initiatives.

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