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P.E.A.C.E. Model for Development Program

PLAY - On a weekly basis, gather young people who are interested in playing football, active games and other activities as a way of attracting youths in need of critical skills and knowledge. All activities should be delivered in an atmosphere of love, respect and hope. Sportsmanship, fair play and skill development will be central themes during the "play" activities.

EAT - After playing, healthy snacks are to be provided to all participants as the kids cool down in a comfortable location. During this time, participants learn about accessing and creating healthy, tasty snacks and meals for themselves as well as their families.

APPROPRIATE MENTORSHIP  - During the "eat" portion of the program, the volunteers take time to connect with the kids. This time provides opportunities for the development of relationships between peers and volunteer role-models from the local community as well as international volunteer mentors. Also, time to just "hang out" is given to further connections between participants and mentors.

CRITICAL LIFE SKILLS - Critical life and vocational skills are to be taught in an informal and fun experiential learning environment located inside and outside the classroom. Program participants will be taught and given structured opportunities to apply the life and vocational skills needed to survive and thrive in rural Kenya.

EDUCATION - Relevant and critically important information is taught to develop applicable knowledge that helps youths make positive choices that are a part of creating and sustaining a happy, healthy and purposeful adult life. Topics will include fitness, nutrition, hygiene, HIV/AIDS prevention, drug and alcohol abuse prevention, moral values, community, citizenship, non-academic learning, formal education support and the development of an attitude of love and respect towards ones self and all others.

Additional program information

Muungano acknowledges volunteers’ desire to work with children and offers several different placements in orphanages in and around Nairobi. Volunteers wishing to partake in an orphanage placement will be involved in several daily tasks such as getting the children ready for school and sometimes joining them on their commute, washing and cleaning, cooking and farm work, assisting the children with their homework and daily duties and of course simply spending time with the orphans, playing games and getting involved in the activities they enjoy.

Medical aid is a necessity to all, particularly those in third world countries who are more susceptible to illness, viruses and disease. Muungano offers volunteers the opportunity to become involved in providing such medical aid in a variety of ways. We have several medical placements in and around Nairobi, allowing volunteers to work beside medical practitioners in the field. Muungano also holds great importance to offering medical assistance to rural communities outside of Nairobi as well as taking volunteers into the homes of those who are either not financially able to afford visits to doctors or hospitals or who are unable to leave the house to do their illnesses.

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