Thursday, February 27, 2014

New year's progress

It has been a while since i updated the blog, but as you knows, the first two months of the year are normally very tough and with no much activities going on. Otherwise kids at Home delegate were happy to receive Christmas gifts from former volunteers. We have a couple of photos even if they appear distorted from a virus attack.

The quail project we have been anticipating for has not yet kicked off due to several reasons. We have got new information about this project, where the market has already been saturated and it is hard to sell eggs or meat. We intend to switch and continue with poultry rearing since it has no season and the products are still marketable. After loosing the founder of Alpha Joy care center, we have started a sponsorship program to help ease the burden at the centre. Sponsored kids are taken to boarding schools, to ease the burden at the home. The sports program is active now, and we require sports specialists to train the young stars and help nurture their talents. We also require sponsors for the team and help us get uniform, socks and football shoes and soccer balls. This program is intended to engage the youths as they get exposed to entrepreneurial trainings and nurture their sports talent. This program is intended to create skills, nurture talents, eradicate poverty and minimize HIV/AIDs prevalence. This is our long term goal on the program.

If you are a sports person and would want to get involved, please feel free to contact us through