Tuesday, June 28, 2011

These are pictures of our community projects we are running in a semi arid area by the name Ndeiya in the central province. You can have a look of more pictures in our photos section.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ndeiya the forgoten surbub!

Limuru District Commissioner Esther Maina has said that more than 40,000 people in the district face starvation because of the prevailing drought. Maina said that 10,000 people who are hard hit are from Ndeiya division which is a semi-arid area and which last received rains early last year. "Ndeiya is a semi-arid area with over 10,000 people who are starving as no rains have been experienced since last year and all dams have dried up," said Maina.

Maina was speaking yesterday at Ndeiya division in Limuru after visiting the area accompanied by all departmental heads in the district to assess the drought situation. The DC delivered 500 bags of maize to the people. Area Councillor Stephen Kaniaru said the 500 bags would only last two days.

He said most people resident in the area are IDPs and have no land to grow crops. He said they relied on menial jobs for survival and had to walk many kilometres each day in search of those jobs.

Any help to feed this young souls is most welcome

The DC said that two per cent of the children in Ndeiya had stopped attending school because of the drought situation. She said the children were forced by circumstances to join their parents in doing the menial jobs which paid as low as Sh80 a day which is not enough to feed a family.