Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Still proceeding

We are in the process of building a new chicken coup/shed to help in the evenly distribution of the 200 chicken to facilitate full production at Home delegate. This is being done with the help of our dear volunteers from Belgium. We hope that soon there shall be a hatching system to help us breed our own chicken and sell them as the project grows. However, we are still in need of more volunteers, support, donations and ideas to keep our projects going. If One would be interested to get involved, please dont hesitate to contact us through muunganointl@ymail.com or contact Jeffrey Sabourin through
Volunteers are welcome to write us and state the project they would like to support.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wave of Change

The Festive season is approaching and the cause is still rolling on. We have recently have a wave of change through our volunteers, who has made great impact in our projects hence brightening the lives of orphan kids. We have had wonderful volunteers who are a crucial part of our cause. The volunteers has worked towards our vision and as a result, a smile has been mounted on the kids faces. They worked so hard at Home Delegate where the kids are having a good times with these volunteers. The kids are experiencing exposure and learning on skills that will help them in future life. As we continue with this cause, more volunteers are needed to keep the projects rolling. Volunteers and other people/organization who would want to be part of this worthy cause should send us an email through  muunganointl@ymail.com we will be glad to get you involved in a cause that will change lives.